Today, most of the families in urban cities are using an RO water purifier. However, most of them neglect the servicing and maintenance part of it. But don’t you think that source of a purified water at your home or office need to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis? There are few RO parts which you must change periodically.

RO Parts to change after a due course of time

It is confirmed that you need to change RO parts often, however, if you want to reduce this frequency, buy the RO system of a trusted brand, i.e. Aquafresh RO.Now talking about the parts require changing frequently, the first part you need to change often is the RO replacement filter. It must be changed every six months. Being an external filter, it attract maximum amount of dust and other major particles present in the water. When you replace it you can see the amount of dust it consumes.

Replacement of RO Membrane

The second important part that need to change is the membrane of your RO water purifier. You need to change RO membrane every 2 years depending on its status and performance. There are a few indication, noticing which you can decide about changing the membrane. The areas with high TDS need to change the membrane frequent basis.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier brand and quality of RO Water purifier can help increasing the replacement time. Hence, you may choose to buy Aquafresh RO Systems for long lasting performance and durability.