When you are looking for a good Ro service provider in India you always search for an affordable and durable Ro system. The Aquafresh RO Water Purifier is famous on online portals nowadays. You can get 24/7 services available at your doorstep. It’s very important to understand that the right choice of RO Water Purifier is the one that provides pure drinking water going through various stages of purification. Now let’s understand few ways which will tell that you have chosen the right purifier or not?

4 ways to decide which water purifier is right for you :

Checking the Quality of water or Testing it

You have heard about the TDs level check. If the water TDS level is in between 500 ppm then it’s counted as pure to consume. But when it’s more than 1000ppm, the water is completely not consumable because of the harsh chemicals and dissolved solids in it. This is how you can test the Water Purifier at your home.

Servicing and maintaining charges

Everyone knows that RO Water Purifier goes through various stages of filtration so, maintenance becomes the first priority. If you want that your Aquafresh RO Water Purifier stays durable for about 15 years so, gets its servicing done every 1 year. If the requirement of parts changing, then you must get that done. Always opt for Annual Maintenance Cost. This will be customer satisfying service from the company.

Added services parts by Aquafresh RO Water Purifier

When you select the Water Purifier for your home you must see all the parts and features of the system. The filters, membranes, and other parts like water connector, Check Valve, etc. It’s very important to understand all the parts and components of the RO system before buying the carbon filters, Sediment-pre filters, pressure regulator all the are essential parts to be seen in Ro systems. You must know that when you use the Ro system regularly you must have a check on its usage and if you find there is a problem get them repaired or change them there and then. The water impurities must be removed and the TDS level of drinking water should be maintained.

Important Certification

Just go to products with validated certificates. A product with ISI, WQA, or NSF certificates can be trusted. These certificates guarantee the actual product.

Aquafresh RO Water Purifier provides 100% best quality and assurance at affordable prices.

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